Introducing: Denise Yezbak Moore


Denise Yezbak Moore. Probably the hardest working jewelry designer in the beading world today....Certainly one of the most TALENTED!!! 

Denise's designs have been seen among countless magazine pages and covers. Recently, she placed in 7 of the 9 categories in the BEAD STAR competition. Way to go, Denise! We are so proud and honored to have this accomplished designer as one of our contributors!!!! 

Jewelry by Denise Yezbak Moore

We asked Denise a few questions about working with cording and fibers in her jewelry and here's what she had to say!

Q: What's your favorite type of cording or fiber to work with in jewelry?

A: My favorite type of fiber to work with is recycled Sari silk and leather cording.

Q: Why do you like working with cords and fibers in your designs?

A: Cords and fibers add an earthy natural feel to one's jewelry designs.  They also add texture.  Whether you are going for an edgy look or a soft romantic feel, these materials can help bring your design aesthetic to fruition.  Cords and fibers can be manipulated in any number of ways.  The design possibilities are endless.  These materials also offer a cheaper alternative to the more expensive metal findings.

Q: What quality draws you to these materials?

A: I am drawn to Sari silk because of the fantastic color pallet.  A single ream of Sari silk contains a multitude of colors that can be used in a variety ofjewelry designs.  Purchasing one ream can provide material for an abundance of creations.  Sari silk is a recycled product which is good for the planet.  It can also be used in other craft projects such as knitting or crochet. I tend to lean toward the romantic and vintage jewelry design styles.  Cording and threads appeal to my minimalist side of design. These materials make me think out of
the box and design outside of my comfort zone. They are easy to use and the only knowledge needed is how to complete a simple knot.  

Thanks, Denise!

Denise Yezbak Moore, is a self-taught artisan who incorporates romantic, sophisticated and even whimsical overtones into her pieces. One of Denise’s favorite mediums to work with is Vintaj Natural Brass. She enjoys dabbling in Art Clay Silver, resin and wirework.

Her designs have appeared in a wide variety of publications including Bead Trends, Stringing, Best of Stringing, Bead Star, Bead Unique, Bead Style, Jewelry Affaire and Belle Armoire Jewelry.  She will also be featured in an upcoming issue of Australian Beading Magazine.

Over the years, she’s explored many hobbies and obsessions--heirloom sewing and quilting, antiques, floral designing, painting, creating porcelain dolls and crafting dollhouses. Each of these guilty pleasures provided another step along Denise’s path to becoming a jewelry designer. Denise nurtured her long-time fascination with antique jewelry, by becoming a certified antique appraiser. She also holds a B.A. in Psychology.

For more information about Denise please visit her blog,, or her Etsy shop  To contact her please email at:

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