Findings Friday: Crimp-Style Cord Ends

Crimp-style cords ends are tubes with a center "crimp" area and a loop at the top for attaching a clasp. These are my favorite findings to use for cording! They are excellent for round leather and cotton cords. They also work well for some types of ribbon and other cords. Crimp-style cord ends are very easy to use but, it may not be obvious how to use them correctly at first glance.

To use, simply insert the cord's end into the finding until it is almost peaking out the other side.

With chain nose pliers, grip the cord end finding in the middle and ONLY crimp the CENTER area. Squeeze until the center portion of the cord end is flattened  and the cord is secure. Also, be sure to postion the cord end so that the finding's loop is HORIZONTAL, not vertical or your finding will break when you crimp down on it. See pictures below.

 There you have it! The finished cord end. Repeat for the second side and attach your clasp or beading to the loops. You can easily find these types of crimp-style cord ends at most bead suppliers. has a nice selection of these in different sizes and metal finishes.

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