Introducing: Tracy Statler

Tracy has been creating jewelry for over 7 years, and enjoys using cordings of all types in her jewelry designs. I find myself attracted to the simple, bohemian feel to her designs and can imagine myself wearing any one of them! I look forward to Tracy writing posts for the blog with cool tutorials, she's a great teacher! Check out her blog for recent tutes on jewelry making techniques!

Tracy Statler is a self taught jewelry artist. After taking a few basic stringing classes, jewelry making started as a casual hobby then became a passion over 7 years ago. Her creative drive comes from being raised participating in the arts. Choir, madrigal, piano, dance, musicals, she did them all. Her mother was an art teacher so Tracy's kitchen table was always "Mom's Studio" full of all kinds of artistic mediums. Tracy naturally finds beauty in unusual things and loves to use small unexpected elements to make a piece of jewelry stand out.

After her second child was born, she left the corporate world to pursue her creative interests
full time. She is a wife and a mother of two great kids. Other than quiet moments with her family and maybe after a good yoga or pilates class, she is the happiest when making jewelry and teaching and sharing her interest with others. 
For more about Tracy and her creations you can visit her blog at or contact her at

When we asked Tracy what her favorite material was to work with, she claimed
"My favorite material to work with is a tough call.  I love working with Waxed Irish Linen because of the maleable quality it has  - almost like clay. There are so many colors to choose from.  It knots well and really stays put.   I love working with leather lace because of it's beautiful feel and it's ability to soften the look of any piece of jewelry.  I am drawn to a variety of different cording materials because they lend an element of the unexpected to any design."

I am definitely looking forward to seeing Tracy's projects for the Jewelry Accord book! I think we will all learn some really cool things from her design process!

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