Happy Holidays, Everyone! 

I want to thank all of you for your wonderful support for our book project and our new blog! Thank you for following along on our journey! We hope to share some things you will find interesting, inspiring and informative...

I thought it would be fun if I shared with you a sampling of some of the beads and materials I've been working with! Doesn't that sound fun? You can bead along with me! I hope you will!

Above are a few of the items I've been working with lately. Not in this particular combination, mind you, BUT you certainly could use these materials all together to make a fabulous project! I'm giving away the above to one lucky reader!

My giveaway package includes the following:

A yard length of genuine real suede lace from Leather Cord USA
Some Vintaj brass fold-over cord ends (that fits the suede lace) from Bello Modo
A set of colorful ceramic spiral beads from Elements Pottery and...
A pair of ceramic elliptical raku beads also from Elements Pottery!

If you would like to win my giveaway package, please follow the blog and leave a comment on this post by: December 31st! I'll choose a winner by January 2nd. And...if you feel so inclined, please share the news of this giveaway with your friends!
Thank you and good luck!!!

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