Findings Friday: Fold-Over Cord Ends

Use fold-over style ends to finish off cording in your jewelry designs. Fold-over ends have loops at the top with flaps on either side and a point at the bottom to help the cord stay in place. These findings work great for suede and leather lace, round leather cord and other types of cord as well as some ribbons, too.

To use, simply set the cord's end into the fold-over finding.
 Crimp the ends one side at a time. 
Use chain nose pliers to gently fold one flap of the end down over the cord.

Then fold and crimp the other side down.
 And there you have it! 
Now, you can attach your beading or a clasp to the loop of the fold-over end.

Try using some of these on your next cord jewelry project! Cord end findings can be purchased from 


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